NEW We changed the company name to inQs Co., Ltd.

 November 24, 2015, IFTL-Solar Inc. changed company name to InQus Co., Ltd.

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Origin of the Company Name :
inQs came from “in Quantum science”
With the aim of a new technical innovation toward the world of quantum science dealing with the quantum and photon.

NEW The Technology Innovation Special Prize in JVA 2016.

February 10, 2016, we awarded the Technology Innovation Special Prize in Japan Venture Awards 2016.

To the Winners List published page on Japan Venture Awards 2016

Introduce of Our Technology

Light power generation by SQPV (Solar Quartz Photo Voltech)

"SQPV" is photovoltaic power generating element which colorless and transparent,
and it is applied to the window glass for office building by utilizing the transparency.

SQPV During peak energy demand, the power supply device which does not depend on only existing power supply for the large energy consumption of the office building is required. Therefore, we are developing new technologies for create a stand-alone power generator and power supply equipment. It is the "Power Generator by the Window glass."
In the case of office buildings, window type solar cells that was incorporated in a window from the floor to a ceiling generate electric power by the light of the sun. And generated electric power are used for lighting, heating and cooling of the building, and also used for the part of the power consumption in the building. We have developed a new technique that can be provided dual functions of Daylighting and power generation to the window.
This is the SQPV of currently under development.

Thin Type SQPV

SQPV        Thin, Colorless, Transparent
        The auxiliary power source for mobile device
        Application to circuit board of extremely thin glass.

"Applications for Power Generation"
The auxiliary power source for mobile device

SQPV It can be power generation while Colorless and Transparent.
Built-in to the mobile device in the body,It can be implemented as new device that combines the display and colorless transparent power generating element. It is generated electricity by the light of the room lighting in the room also by sunlight in the outdoors, and generated power is charged to
                                the battery or the rechargeable battery.

Large SQPV Device

SQPV Power Generation, Daylighting, Thermal Barrier
Used as a wall and windows of the building
Power generation at the windows or walls of building, car
and agricultural plant utilizing characteristics of colorless and transparent.

"Applications for Power Generation"
It is increased the amount of power generation per installation area by the three-dimensional distribution, and to secure. Furthermore, it will contribute to the energy saving of air conditioning by thermal barrier effect of SQPV. And it will make contribute to the realization of total energy-saving building “eco-building”.

Light power generation by SQ-DSSC (Solar Quartz - Dye Sensitized Solar cell)

SQDSSC"Photovoltaic Element SQ-DSSC"
Photovoltaic Element SQ-DSSC is a revolutionary photovoltaic device which can generate electricity under low illumination environment.
It is possible power generation by low illumination light in the room.Unnecessary wiring, Unnecessary batteries
Therefore, it can be used as maintenance-free independent
power source for ubiquitous network and sensors in any place.
* "Photo shown that device has power generation unit area of 46cm2"

"Applications for Power Generation"
Application to self-supply power source for the sensor device of the indoor environment control network system.


What's New

2 May 2016   Notification of transfer of headquarters NEW  10 Feb. 2016  Awarded the Technology Innovation Special Prize in JVA 2016.NEW
8 Jan. 2016   Website of inQs Co., Ltd. has been established NEW 24 Nov. 2015 Company Name Change Notification
7 Jan. 2015    Our developed solar cells has been broadcast in the popular corner of
                     TV Tokyo WBS "Toretama".

                     Title : Solar cells for power generation in a dark room. 26 Dec. 2014 Website of IFTL Solar Inc. was established